Anchoring tension clamp H24

Fiber optic networks remain the cheapest and fastest data transmission channel. They are used to organize telephone and video communications, provide access to the Internet, lay local networks at industrial facilities, offices and organizations.
Clamps must be used to successfully extend the transmission line. The fiber optic cable is pulled through the cable gland and secured with wedges. The use of clamps ensures the proper cable pulling force.  

Take a look at the Tension clamp H24 designed for cable FTTH type. This type of clamp is suitable for the most comfortable fastening of the flat cable. It guarantees reliable fastening and safe work with the cable, which will not damage it. All this is possible due to the high-tech plastic wedges of the clamp. It is a perfect suit for laying lines with a span of up to 50 meters. The clamps consist of a molded plastic body and polymer wedges that clamp the carrier without damaging the insulation. No tools are required for installation.

Wedge type tension clamp H3D anchor clamp that is intended for suspension of round self-supporting fiber-optic cables. It consists of a sturdy casing, equipped with 5mm diameter galvanized steel wire, and will not damage the outer insulation of the fiber optic cable. The recommended distance between supports is up to 50 m, but this figure also depends on the specific features of the cable. This anchor clamp is made of high-strength plastic, so it can be installed on the masts of city lighting without fear of breaking the integrity of the structure from the influence of weather conditions during operation. The maximum braking force is 1.5 kN. The loop of this tension clamp is made of high-quality steel wire using the hot-dip galvanized technology and does not require any additional or special tools for installation. The loop can be removed, which allows the clip to be conveniently hooked onto the ring mounts. The clamping wedges are protected against accidental falling out by a special lock. Ease of installation and reliability The use of self-supporting structures with the use of cable fittings such as tension clamps H3D, can significantly reduce the time required to build a new fiber-optic network. In addition, this solution greatly facilitates repairs in problem areas and speeds up the process of replacing an entire highway. As a result, the increase in the speed of laying networks completely covers the cost of tension clamps for suspending self-supporting cables.

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