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Welcome to US Communication Service

We distribute fiber optic cables

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US Communication Service is a manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality cable accessories and official distributor of Odeskabel pure copper ethernet and fiber optic cables - one of the biggest European manufacturers in the field.

We offer cable accessories of our own production (wedge type clamp, anchor type clamp, tension and suspension clamps, brackets, etc.), as well as twisted-pair copper ethernet cable and fiber optic cables (armored underground cables, on-air ADSS bulk cables, FTTx cables, etc.). Our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing process ensure good product quality and durability.

Most of our products are available in the USA - warehouse in Orlando (FL) and can be delivered to you in a matter of days. We also produce special cables and cable accessories on demand, we provide discounts on big orders - therefore feel free to contact us with any questions.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and hope for a productive partnership!

Wholesale and retail sales of high quality cable products and accessories for them

Fiber optic cable is made of special fibers, the core of the module, or on the basis of the main pipe, which reinforces and protects the covers and shells.

Fiber optic cable is a product used throughout the United States. Current wireless technologies are massively introduced into everyday life. You won’t surprise anyone with the Internet, through which data is transmitted over the air. But, if you deal with this system, you can make sure that the wired technology has not disappeared anywhere, and not only we are talking about optical fiber cables.

What do you think, can a station that distributes 3G or Wi-Fi wireless connectivity work without cables? True, it cannot. Data transmission is provided using a modern fiber-optic cable or, as it is also called, fiber optic. One of UScomService's most popular products are fiber optic cables. But, this is only one area of ​​use...

A network cable (cable for the Internet) is a low-current cable that serves to transmit signals over short distances. As a physical environment, it is used for the installation of telephone and computer networks, alerts, alarms, video surveillance, television, and many other systems. During the design, engineers select the Ethernet cable that is most suitable for the equipment, taking into account the distance over which it will be laid. Our online store offers to buy a network cable, the price of which you will like. Depending on the batch and type of LAN cable, the price of the network cable may be indicated per meter or bay. You can not only buy Ethernet cable from us, but also order everything you need for its termination. For example, connectors, skirtings, sockets, and patch panels. If you plan to order an Internet cable in bulk or make it “to order”, we will provide a discount. In our store you will find hundreds of ethernet cables types from the manufacturer.

The main task of a network cable is to provide a physical environment for transmitting information signals and data between all computing devices in a network. It is the twisted pair cable that ensures the quality of telephony and television, local area networks, video surveillance and warning systems, as well as fire and burglar alarms. Thanks to him, there is a global Internet. Today, it is the most sought-after tool for user communication around the world. Network cable is an important element in the construction of almost all information networks and systems, so it is produced in a large assortment.

The main characteristics of the network cable:

  • • type of cable and its category;
  • • number of conductors and their cross-section;
  • • material of conductors (copper, bimetal);
  • • insulation material of the conductor, sheath;
  • • fire resistance and moisture resistance;
  • • working temperature;
  • • the presence of the bearing element and armor.

Telecommunications systems require connecting devices (telephones, switches, computers, faxes, modems, routers, etc.) with a special network cable that completely eliminates the influence of noise interference on the conducted signal. This type of ethernet cable for connecting components and creating a network in offices, industrial zones, and even just in homes is called a LAN cable. Actually, the name LAN itself simply stands for Local Area Network. Thus, the very purpose of the cable for the Local Area Network. Of course, the value has long gone beyond the boundaries of ordinary or not very ordinary computers and has embraced the widest space - the Internet.

Therefore, we recommend that before you buy a network cable, find out about its materials and compliance with standards. It is best not to bother and immediately buy a twisted pair of a well-known manufacturer, thus completely eliminating the issue of quality mismatch. Even if you have to buy a twisted pair cable at a higher price.

Cable clamp for optical cables

Cable clamps fasteners are a category of products intended for fixing cable-conductor products with open laying. In addition, such devices can be used to combine groups of cables and wires into one bundle, which simplifies their fastening.

Where to buy cable clamp for optical cables?

The UScomService online store offers a wide range of cable clamps for optical cables, which allows for quick installation of open wiring without the use of additional devices. Choosing cable clamp for optical cables you can significantly reduce the time of work, increase electrical safety in areas where the lines are located. To make your choice optimal help free consulting services of our experts. You can buy cable clamps for optical cables at retail and wholesale using the catalog of the site where a convenient filter system has been created. Here you can get acquainted with the characteristics of the product, photos and find out how much this or that product costs.

To correctly buy cable clamp for electric cable or network cable, you need to take into account its type, as well as the diameter of its carrier element. For installation, fasteners are also needed, to which clamps and other elements of the installation of cable equipment cling.
For fixing to the supports using steel hooks. They are fastened with self-tapping screws, bolts, or with the help of a bandage tape with clips. Sometimes hooks are welded to the traverse of the supports.
Often use traverses designed to attach tension and support clamps when hanging the wires on the supports. The traverse is made of galvanized steel profiles with many mounting holes and has the form of a corner of different lengths.

Also in the UScomService online store you can buy non slip drainage flooring

Nonslip drainage flooring is widely used for the following areas and objects:
• Ramps and entrance ramps of objects of any purpose (warehouses, parking lots, etc.).
• Premises in which during operation the presence on the floors is possible: water, oils and fats, detergents, manure, etc.
• Floors of meat, milk, fish processing plants, etc; floors of livestock complexes.
• Floors that are operated at low temperatures: freezers, open parking lots, ramps, etc.

Non slip drainage flooring can be easily applied to surfaces such as ceramics, wood, or metal, and they are preferred for any workplace. The anti-slip coating on the floor not only guarantees an anti-slip effect in the office environment, but the floor coating also preserves the floor surface from all types of wear and cracks and even harmful chemicals. Anti-slip flooring should be included in all offices where employees constantly run around to carry out their duties. You never know when an accident will occur if your office floor is slippery.

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