Choose only qualified tension clamps

The installation of almost any cable requires the use of special equipment such as tension clamps. They are specially designed for reliable fixing of wires in difficult spans, and ensure their laying without sagging for tens of meters. Tension cable clamps provide better fixing. This is the optimal solution for laying a line in cases where underground communications cannot be used.
On our site you can buy Wedge type tension clamp H3D anchor clamp, which is characterized by high reliability.

The H3D tension clamp (a new, updated version of the already well-known H3 product) is designed to quickly fasten self-supporting circular fiber optic cables. In addition, this model can also cope with the suspension of optical cables such as ADSS and FTTH cables.

The movable wedges of the device do not require the use of tools, and allow you to quickly and easily install the cable using traverses without damaging the cable structure. The removable bow makes it possible to attach the clip to absolutely any traverses and hooks.

The active bow, made of high-strength steel coated with a protective layer, ensures long-term operation of the structure in a complexly stressed state and constant dynamic loads, which allows the clamp to be used in a difficult zone.
An important factor is that the breaking load of the clamp body becomes 1.5 kN, this allows the cable and the link to be kept intact in case of short-term excess dynamic loads on the line (for example, when trees fall on the line or damage to the supports under extreme weather conditions).

Keep in mind that the H3D Optical Suspension Clamp also grips FTTH cables perfectly, thanks to a new and improved wedge design with multiple spikes, positioned specifically to avoid breaking the fiber optic dielectric cable sheath. See the photo for this dielectric clamp.

Retrofitting and upgrading the tension clamp mainly consists of:

1) Completely captive wedges! Which is very convenient for installation and unplanned dismantling.
2) Incredible product strength. Tests using fiber optic cable have shown that short-term loads can be up to 1.5 kN.
3) The quality of the material used in the tension clamps has increased several times.
4) Versatility. The clamp allows you to clamp a round cable with a diameter of 3-8 mm. It is also possible to clamp the "8" type cable.

To purchase this clamp, please contact us. You can write or call our manager to place an order or clarify details.

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