Clamps for laying cables in difficult spans

The laying of any cable is always a very responsible and time-consuming job. Even if we leave aside the aesthetics, such work itself is very laborious because cable channels  require reliable fixation and look ugly. It seems a hopeless situation, but now there is a way out of this situation.  Let's take a look at what we offer for fiber optic cabling and how it can be used. Tension clamps are accessories that have been specifically designed for situations where you need to create a cable line in difficult conditions. In this case, the cable must be securely fixed but accessible for service. This type of clamps is designed for laying cables in difficult spans. Fiber optic is most suitable for routing with such fasteners. At the same time, the clamps themselves are made of durable materials. Therefore, they provide cable pulling (without sagging) for tens of meters. The design of the clamps is quite simple. They are very technological and simple for installation work. One person can do most of the work. This type of fastener is an excellent solution to ensure the laying of a line, where it is impossible to use underground communications or other methods of cable laying. We offer clamps for every situation, and they all perform well in the most challenging climates. An important characteristic of any clamp is the working load, which, first of all, determines which clamps should be used, depending on the cable and the task at hand.

For example, anchoring tension clamps H24 are intended for fastening and holding in a tension state flat self-supporting dielectric cables with a thickness of 4 to 6.5 mm when building communication lines along with lighting and power transmission poles. The increased length of the clamp body and wedges provides a large area of contact with the cable sheath and allows the cable to be fastened on spans up to 120 meters.

The body and wedges of the H24 anchor clamp are made of high-strength, UV-stabilized plastic. The clamp is provided with a retainer that prevents the wedges from falling out and a guide system, for ease of use. It ensures the synchronous movement of the wedges and their spreading. The fixing loop made of galvanized steel wire 5 mm can be removed if necessary, which provides additional ease of installation.

Remember that secure clamping is essential to the reliability of the entire fiber-optic link. Just contact us, and we will help you to select the appropriate clamp for the particular type of cable.

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