Features of installation

The arrangement of a communication system is a hard process. Installation of an optical cable is a difficult job, it must be done as accurately as possible. For fiber optic connections, in some places, a welding method or an adhesive mass is used, so installation must be entrusted to professional craftsmen. Fiber optic is a fairly expensive material. During installation, there should be no micro-chips, otherwise, the system will not function properly. During installation, the cable must not be subjected to mechanical stress. It is important to avoid many turns and sudden changes in direction. Fiber optic connections are secured using a variety of couplings and adapters. The docking of additional elements must be as accurate as possible.

Various types of optical cables are constantly being improved. Conductors are widely used for arranging global communication networks. Fiber optic products have long been common in major European cities.

Today, a huge amount of sensitive information is transmitted over computer networks. When transmitting signals using an optical cable, no interception of information is possible. The reliability of the cable is the main advantage of the product, which is widely used in various communication systems.

In addition to the cable, in various communications, you will also need a tension clamp, for example, Wedge type tension clamp H3D anchor clamp. Installation without this additional element is impossible.

Application of self-supporting designs with the use of clamps H3D of fast installation allows increasing speed of construction of networks several times, to facilitate repair and replacement of sections of highways. Increasing the speed of installation of networks more than covers the cost of fittings for cable suspension.

This clamp is ideal for hanging round self-supporting fiber optic cables (3.5 - 6.5 mm). Its robust body and special zinc-plated wire make it as reliable and durable as possible. It absolutely does not violate the integrity of the cable.

The advantages of this clamp:

● Ease of installation and reliability
● It can significantly reduce the time required to build a network.
● It greatly facilitates repairs on problem areas.
● Increases the speed of laying lines

On our website, you can purchase the clamp you need without any difficulties and obstacles. We will do all the work as quickly as possible. If you need advice, we are always happy to help our clients. Check out the catalog of our products and write to us.

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