Huge variety of cables for any purpose

On our site, you can find a huge variety of cables for any purpose.
The perfect variant for network lines will be OKT-D fiber optic cable FTTH aerial drop subscriber access cable is intended for laying telecommunication networks overhead and operating in icy conditions, gusty winds, and extreme seasonal temperatures. Single-module cable has a robust design with a small diameter and low weight, which makes the process of transportation, installation, and connection to the existing infrastructure of fiber-optic networks or construction new, much easier.

This cable is best used for suspension between buildings at medium distances from each other on lighting poles and telecommunication poles as a distribution cable. Its core, consisting of one single-mode optical fiber, is located in the central module, all the remaining space of which is filled with hydrophobic filler. An additional strength of the supporting structure of the fiber-optic cable is provided by a pair of fiberglass rods. The outer sheath of the OKT-D fiber optic cable FTTH aerial drop subscriber access cable is made of high-density polyethylene - it is reliable, durable, and easy to remove. Due to this, the cable can be used in almost any climatic zone of our region, without fear of breaking its integrity during operation. Scope of application The diameter of the entire structure together with the sheath is 5.5 mm, the weight of one kilometer of cable does not exceed 17 kg, and the maximum distance between the supports can reach 80 meters, which makes the fiber-optic cable an ideal solution for building high-density telecommunication networks in urban environments.
To enhance the durability and reliability of fiber optic cables, rigid polyethylene insulation of large thickness is used and special supporting elements, for example, cables or reinforcing fibers, are added to the cable structure. Thanks to these elements, the optical fibers inside the cable are protected from serious mechanical damage, and the cable itself is resistant to most types of deformation. arising during its installation and operation.
Today, fiber is the most advanced and productive type of cable with a high speed of information transmission - about 10 Gbps. Due to the peculiarities of the materials used and the propagation of light, such a cable can be easily completely protected from external interference. Just make an order on our website, and you will find a reliable cable with which you can perform many network work.

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