Solid cable clamp

Anchoring tension clamp

Today, tension anchor clamps are often used to lay power transmission connections. Sometimes they can be serrated for better attachment, but clamps with a slightly different principle of gripping the cable can also be used.
Recently, the H20 anchor clamp has become more popular among our customers.
This type of clamp has many advantages, including:

● The quality of the connection does not depend on the qualifications of the master who performed the wiring.
● Relatively quick connection without using a specialized tool.
● Excellent protection against accidental contact with current-carrying surfaces.
● Highest reliability.
● The ability to make changes to the wiring without breaking the connection.
● High vibration and shock resistance.
● Automatic regulation of the clamping force on the wire.
● No need for care and extraordinary maintenance.
● This clamp has excellent damage resistance.
● Excellent value for money.

The retention of the transmission line (the wire itself) is not due to the teeth but by the maximum circumference of the cord using the clamp wedges. To provide the most reliable retention of the cable, the armature is equipped with several protrusions on the plastic surface. Such a reliable fixation prevents the wire from slipping and breaking. Despite this, you should not worry in vain about crushing or damaging the cord through which data is transmitted. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail in this type of clamp. The strongest wind or tension on the wire will not damage the transmission line or break the wire itself. The main characteristics of the H20 correspond to all European standards, and this clamp has been tested for quality, strength, and safety in use. The manufacturer of this staff advises using such a clamp for cables up to 7 mm in diameter with not very large gaps.
Another not unimportant advantage of these clamps is attaching dielectric and metal media. Indeed, they often use small dielectric cables in optical distribution networks. The moment of the strength of such an installation, which is of interest to all professionals in this field, is entirely justified. The answer to this question is obvious, and the clamp is as solid and reliable as possible. The power line installation will become much easier and less labor-intensive, thanks to the presence of this type of tension clamp. It helps to maintain the integrity of the cable and avoid breakage.
You can find an extensive selection of fiber optic clamps in our online store. All you need to do is choose an acceptable clamping option and contact us.

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