Strong clamp for different cables

In order to correctly install various electrical elements, durable and strong wires and clamps should always be used. As a rule, self-supporting insulated wires and universal clamps are chosen for such needs. The electrical network assembled with their help is quite capable of operating without any complaints for many years.
For a clearer understanding of the question of which type of cable to give preference to, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with the armature technology itself and its areas of application. Our company offers high quality universal clamps in the range required for different wires.

We recommend that you take a closer look at this type of clamp as the Universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable. The choice of this clamp will greatly simplify the process of laying the transmission line.
The support clamp is specially designed for the installation of cables of type "8", of various dimensions. The cable can be fastened to any of the 2 holes, and depends on the diameter of the clamped products. To increase the strength of the fastening, the device is equipped with special parts that help to avoid the destruction of the wire structure itself. This type of clamp is made from a special mixture of different aluminum, which helps it to be strong and reliable. The special hook (eyelet) for suspension is made of reliable machined metal. Its length is 5 mm. It's super sturdy and reliable.

This clamp has many advantages, including:

● The quality of the contact does not depend on the qualifications of the master who performed the wiring.
● The ability to connect fairly quickly without using a specialized tool.
● Highest contact reliability.
● The ability to make changes to the wiring without breaking the connection.
● High vibration and shock resistance.
● Regulation of the clamping force on the wire.
● No need for care and special maintenance.
● The electrical conductors in these terminals have excellent resistance to damage.
● The clamp has a quality certificate and a safety guarantee according to European standards.
● Excellent value for money.
● Installation and operation of clamps are calculated at low temperatures from -60 to +20 degrees.
● Metal parts undergo strict quality control, corrosion resistance tests are performed.

Universal clamps contribute to reliable protection against moisture of uninsulated aluminum wire. Proof of this is the regular tests for tightness of the insulation of the clamps.
Contact us to order a universal support clamp.

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