Tension clamps are the ideal assistant when laying fiber optic lines of the network.

Fiber optic cable fittings are a universal set of devices designed for fixing wires on facades of buildings and supports, for connecting consumers, wiring lines, entering into connections with a power cable, as well as for connecting to a bare wire when switching from a high-voltage non-insulated line to a self-supporting one. When operating and installing cable systems, it is important to choose the right fittings, and especially cable clamps.
Tensioning clamps of various types, which are made for fastening cables to tension suspensions of anchor-angle supports. The clamps perceive the load from the tension of the cables in normal mode when exposed to cold and wet weather. Clamps, taking the load from the tension of the cables and must ensure the strength of the termination of the wires at least 90% of the calculated breaking strength of the cable. They must also provide reliable electrical contact. The relative resistance of the electrical contact in the clamps, where the wire is cut, should not exceed unity.

Tension clamps are the ideal assistant when laying fiber optic lines of the network. They are reliable, weather resistant and durable. For example, the body of the clamp wedge type tension clamp H6 anchor clamp is made of high strength plastic or aluminum alloy. It is not only reliable and sturdy but also very functional and easy to use. It can clamp and secure the wires without the need to strip or detach the support cable.

The method of work of the tension clamp for the construction of the network lines is based on the tightening of the wires by wedges that can move. The carrying wire is put into the movable part of the clamp between the wedges. Under the action of a tensile load, the cable is pushed towards the narrowing of the tapered recess, and the wedges firmly clamp it in the housing. The clamp is attached to the bracket that's made of stainless steel.

The main parameter of this clamp is the diameter of the clamped cable and the maximum tension force. Various designs of anchor clamps also differ in the body material, clamp loop size, etc. Special designs of anchor clamps type wedge type tension clamp H6 anchor clamp with a strong surface of the movable insert are intended for fixing fiber optical cables. This product is made to create communication lines with a distance of 70 meters between walls, buildings, etc.
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