Universal anchor clamps

In addition to clamps using wedge inserts with teeth, anchor clamps with a slightly different principle of gripping a cable or cable can be used. The fact is that if the cable is installed incorrectly, in conditions of extreme stretching or in case of accidental sharp loads (falling branches, gusts of wind, etc.), the teeth of the clamp can partially shift the sheath of the cable, exposing it. In the future, this can lead to corrosion of the cable and deterioration of the reliability of the line.
Recently, anchoring clamps without teeth have become increasingly popular among our customers.

In them, the fixing of the cable is not due to the teeth, but due to the girth of the cable with a large surface area of the wedges. On the inner surface of the wedge-shaped inserts there is a series of small protrusions for tighter fixation. Thus, even with an excess load, the outer shell does not rupture.

An example of such a design is Universal supporting clamp P3. It is made of high-quality glass-filled polyamide, which provides high performance and resistance to winds, temperature extremes and constant solar radiation. The inner proppant is additionally equipped with ribs on the back, which makes installation easier and more reliable.
Moreover, its main characteristics correspond to all parameters and standards. The manufacturer recommends the use of such a clamp for cables with a cable diameter of up to 30 mm with small span lengths up to 50 meters.

Another advantage of such clamps without teeth is the ability to fix not only metal but also a dielectric carrier.

Since small-sized all-dielectric cables are increasingly used on optical distribution networks, the issue of reliable fastening of such cables becomes urgent.

Universal clamps allow you to fasten not only traditional "figure eight" cables with a metal bearing element, but also small-sized cables of various designs: round, flat, "figure eight" type with a dielectric rod. They use wedges extended up to 120 mm (for a larger area of contact with the cable sheath) with many fixing protrusions. High-strength plastic, stabilized against UV rays, provides a secure fit in all climates.
This type of clamp is ideal for various types of cable. It is able to facilitate and expedite the installation process. Both an experienced installer and a beginner can handle this type of clamping.
On our online catalog you can choose the appropriate clamp. Just contact us.

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