Where are optical cables used

One of the most common and widely used conductors is fiber optic cable. It is intended to transmit signals in the form of photons in communication lines. Due to the non-straightness of movement, data exchange is carried out at a speed slower than the speed of light.
Optical cables are used in fiber-optic transmission systems in public communication networks, in technological communication networks, and special-purpose communication networks in the case of their connection to a public communication network for installation in cross equipment and equipment. An optical fiber in a dense polymer coating is required.

Intra-facility optical cables, although they have softer requirements for mechanical and climate-resistant properties than outdoor cables,
must have protection against fire - flame-retardant shell.

As protection against damage during laying in such cables, a buffer made of aramid threads is used, and due to the absence of requirements for moisture resistance
indoor cables do not contain hydrophobic filler or other sealants.
OKV fiber optic cable micro Tight / Semi-Tight Buffer Cable is intended for use in internal connections of blocks at linking stations and other equipment, for the manufacture of optical patch cords (pigtails, patch cords).
On our site, you can purchase OKVr Rizer distribution fiber optic cable for vertical installation that is manufactured at the best enterprises and is intended for building broadband access networks based on FTTH. The cable has a round shape and is covered with a non-flammable LSZH sheath. Thanks to the use of new production technologies and high-quality raw materials, it immediately became a worthy competitor in the market. The company's optical cables are of impeccable quality while maintaining a competitive price. Two fiberglass rods act as load-bearing elements. In the production of the cable, only components from leading world manufacturers are used. Fiber and basic raw materials (insulation materials, power elements) are bought in Europe, which again speaks of the reliability of the finished product. Taking into account the needs of the European consumer, the company tried to make the cable inexpensive with the highest quality possible. The unique fiber technology ensures good flexibility and durability of the cable.

We can advise you on all issues related to the choice of network technologies, discuss your plans for the future, determine the goals and the correct type of cable - fiber optic, copper (or both). We can also offer excellent prices for optical cables and equipment. Wondering if you should use fiber for your next project? Contact us.

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