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The first attempts to use optical fiber were made at the end of the 19th century, however, due to imperfect technologies and, accordingly, damping of the light signal, they were doomed to failure. Only in the 70s of the twentieth century did Corning make a successful attempt to commercialize a new method of data transfer. Since then, the use of fiber optic cable (optic cable) has become widespread.

The principle of data transmission via an optical fiber cable is based on the movement of a light signal through an absolutely transparent conductor with a high level of reflection of photons from the walls of the material. To achieve this effect, the structure of the fiber optic filament consists of a conductor (core) itself and a sheath with a refractive index lower than that of a conductive material. Thus, photons of light are repeatedly reflected from the walls of the shell, without undergoing significant attenuation.

They use fiber optic cable for the Internet, telecommunications, and in other areas where high-quality transmission of data packets over significant distances is required.

Optical cable design
An optical cable is a complex multilayer product, the design of which ensures the fastest possible movement of the light wave and protects it from induced noise, and also guarantees the integrity of the product. Consists of:

  • a support cable that stiffens the cable and serves as an attachment element;
  • light-conducting fibers, plastic or glass, enclosed in polymer tubes (from 4 to 12 and more fibers in one tube) in a hydrophobic gel environment;
  • depending on the design of the layers of thin film, polyethylene, and armor made of Kevlar, iron or plastic threads;
  • waterproof layer;
  • an external polyethylene sheath, the thickness and elasticity of which protects the conductor from external chemical, mechanical, and wave effects.

Differences in the design of the cable correspond to the conditions of its installation and use.

Benefits of Using Fiber
Compared with copper data networks, fiber optic cable has several advantages:

  • Increased signal transmission speed over significant distances (up to 800 km).
  • Immunity to electronic interference.

Besides the advantages, fiber optic data transmission has some disadvantages:

  • The speed of a light wave in a thread is always less than the speed of light due to distortions in the bends of the fiber.
  • Susceptibility to ionizing radiation.
  • The complexity of welding an optical cable.

How to choose the right optical cable
In the modern market, there are many varieties of fiber optic cables, the most popular options include the following types:

  • universal optical cable;
  • external;
  • for suspension;
  • interior;
  • patch cord;
  • pigtail.

Each of these types has separate subtypes, depending on the number of fibers, mounting method, core type, design features, etc. All of them are designed for specific tasks and operating conditions.

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To simplify the choice of optical fiber, manufacturers divided all types into two categories: suspended (or self-supporting optical cable) and underground. The cost of creating an underground communication network is much more expensive, but sometimes this is the only way out. Cable laying, in this case, is carried out either directly in the ground or in tunnels (sewage, cable pipes). Given that both categories of cables are subjected to serious aggressive influences, they are strengthened with special protective layers. Among them are:

  • reservation (protection against rodents by means of a galvanized ring of a wire and metal corrugated tape);
  • increase in strength (mounted power core and aramid threads);
  • moisture protection system (a moisture-resistant polyethylene shell is used, hydrophobic fillers are also added inside);
  • fire resistance (according to IEC standards, the cable must not support combustion and must not emit halogens during smoldering).

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