OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable
OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable
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OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable

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OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable


Cable is designed for installation in cable ducts, pipes, blocks, directly in the soils of all categories, including the area with corrosion activity and the territories infected with rodents except subjected to deformations, as well as through swamps, lakes, and non-navigable rivers up to 15 meters deep.

Cable design:

OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable

1. Optical fibers acc. ITU-T G.652 D / G.657A1.
2. Loose Tubes – PBT (polybutylene terephthalate).
3. Core filling – thixotropic gel.
4. Fastening winding of yarns and tapes.
5. Central strength member (fiber reinforced plastic).
6. Fillers (if applicable).
7. Peripheral strength member – aramid yarns.
8. Outer sheath – polyethylene (HDPE).

Design Versions:

- 1. Water-blocking tapes and yarns (“dry” core).
2. Multimode Fibers acc. ITU-T G.651.1; IEC 60793-2-10.
3. Central strength member: steel rope or wire..
4. Outer sheath:
- low smoking;
- halogen-free
- flame retardant compound (LSZH).


IEC 60189-1 IEC 60304 IEC 60332-1-2 IEC 60332-3-22
IEC 60793-1-1 IEC60793-1-4 IEC 60793-2 IEC 60793-2-10
IEC 60793-2-50 IEC 60794-1-1 IEC 60793-1-2 IEC 60794-3
IEC 60794-3-10 IEC 60794-3-20 IEC 60794-3-30 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60825-3-1 IEC 61034-2

Main technical and operational characteristics:

Attenuation at reference wavelength,
dB/km: -1310nm/1550 nm
Chromatic dispersion at reference wavelength,
ps/(nm*km): - 1310 nm/1550 nm
Minimum bending radius, mm not less than 20 nominal cable diameters
Permissible crushing force, N/100 mm 3000
Tensile strength, kN 1,5; 2,7 или 3,5
Temperature range, ‘C -40 °С - +60 °С

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