Accessories for laying transmission lines

To connect the network, you need a branch piercing clamp, it is externally insulated, but at the heart of a metal structure with pointed teeth. During installation, they pierce the insulation and reliably cut into the aluminum core, without violating the strength of the core. Due to the external insulating protection, the connection point remains completely closed, which prevents corrosion.

To make a self-supporting neutral branch, a cable ram clamp is better. It is completely metal, therefore it is often used to connect the sections of the grounding conductor of the support structure.

For the descent of power lines along with the support and fixation to the facade, a remote clamp of the wire is intended; it is screwed to the surface with screws or anchors. The wire itself is fixed with a clamping strap so as not to violate the integrity of the insulation.

An intermediate clamp is used to connect sections directly across the width. It is used to break a rope with a vertical rope that is used in urban environments. When using wires, special cables specially designed for a particular type are used. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the compatibility and the required type.

On our site, you can purchase a Universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable.

This clamp is used for fastening optical cables to the through-post with the length of the line spans up to 100 m. Designed for cables with different diameters from four to 16 mm, as well as optical cables with a remote load-bearing element of type eight. Changing the type of fastening is done by checking the hook today. The body is made of high-strength, temperature-resistant plastic, and the hook itself is made of the best quality steel wire.

Why choose this clamp:

● Positive quality characteristics of the material from which the product is made.
● resistance to adverse environmental influences
● the maximum level of reliability
● Ease of use

You can easily purchase this clip on our website. Our managers will help you to choose all the necessary accessories for cable suspension. With them, you can clarify the cost and availability of clamps, as well as calculate the final price for ordering equipment, as well as discuss the timing and cost of delivery.

If you have any difficulties with the choice of equipment, you can consult on the technical characteristics of the clips, find out what their advantages over the competitors are, and make a balanced choice.

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