Features and benefits of the armored cable

When it comes to laying the wiring underground, an armored cable is taken. It has distinctive properties, so it is important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages. Also interested in the question of the scope. Armored cable is direct earth ground wiring. It has the designation DBC and is used in various fields. Reservations are classified by material, type.

Considering an armored cable, the following advantages can be distinguished:

- ease of processing;
- the ability to install underground;
- resistance to low temperatures;
- immunity to high humidity.

The armor differs in structure. A wide range of products pleases the shelves. Experts, working with them, note the ease of maintenance. Armored elements do not need replacement of insulation, they can be laid underground at great depths.
On our site you can find Armored cable for direct burial OTLMr 24 fibers Corning SMF-28. This cable is used for laying in cable ducts, pipes, blocks, in soils of all categories, including highly corrosive soils, in unfavorable areas of lakes, rivers up to 15 meters. The cables are used outdoors, suitable for laying in pipelines and cable ducts, as well as in floor risers and cable ducts. The semi-dense buffer coating provides maximum convenience when terminating fibers. In one cleaning operation, the secondary protective coating can be easily removed to a length of 30-50 cm.

Features and benefits of the Armored cable for direct burial OTLMr 24 fibers Corning SMF-28:
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor lining
- Outer shell made of light-stabilized material
- Gel-free design, convenient for cutting and installation
- SMF-28 fiber cable option available with minimal losses on small bends
- Semi-dense 900 micron buffer coating for maximum comfort when terminating fibers
- Safe halogen-free shell

It should be remembered that SMF-28 single-mode fiber uniquely combines the advantages of low attenuation and increased bending resistance. Compared to typical single-mode fibers, the SMF-28 is capable of providing 50% better macrobend and microbend attenuation characteristics. Such fiber is indispensable for networks during laying, small bending radii of the cable inevitably arise. This fiber is also ideal for backbone and metro networks.
Compared to cables covered with conventional outer plastic sheathing, power armored cable is more reliable and durable. The protective layer of steel materials resists rodents and is able to withstand the strong impact of a shovel or other hand tools, which sometimes happens when excavating in places where cable lines pass.
So, buy Armored cable for direct burial OTLMr 24 fibers Corning SMF-28 on our site and be confident in your work.

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