Features and varieties of cable clamps

It is necessary to acquire cables and associated tools to make, safe, and  durable power lines. For installation, installation, and repair work, you will need reliable cable clamps. The clamps make it possible to rigidly and solidly attach self-supporting insulated wires to the supports. For example, tension clamps are installed at the beginning and at the end of the line, as well as at the turns of the line. Besides, the products are installed in the middle of a long straight section, at points of heavy cable loads, as well as in places where attachment points are located at different heights. For perfect work with cable systems, we recommend buying products from trusted brands. You can purchase reliable, and high-quality products on our website.

Universal supporting clamp P3 is one of the most commonly used clamps.
It is intended for suspension on intermediate supports of a self-supporting optical cable and is used for suspending a dielectric cable.

The universal support clamp P3 can be used to secure any type of fiber optic cable and is used to avoid excessive cable sagging. It consists of stainless steel support elements and a durable moisture-resistant fabric that securely grips the cable without damaging its outer insulation. Due to the simplicity and versatility of the design, the P3 clamp can be used to suspend both a single cable and a coil with cable. The intermediate clamp P3 is made of high-strength material, so it can be installed on city lighting masts and the walls of buildings every 100 meters, without fear of breaking the integrity of the structure from the influence of weather conditions during operation.

The universal support clamp P3 does not require any additional or special tools for installation. Reliability and ease of installation make this cable popular among professionals. The use of self-supporting and dielectric structures with the use of such cable accessories as universal clamps P3 can significantly reduce the time required to build a new fiber-optic network. Besides, this solution greatly facilitates repairs in problem areas and speeds up the installation process. As a result, the increase in the speed of laying networks completely covers the cost of universal clamps for laying fiber-optic lines.
The features of universal support clamp P3 are:
• reliability;
• practicality;
• strength;
• functionality;
• safety;
• durability.
You can find an even wider variety of different clamps on our website.

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