Fiber-optic cable is a universal solution for building high-density telecommunication networks

Fiber optic cable is the most reliable and popular item for wired networks.
Let's look at the features of the use of fiber. The quality and strength of the light signal are not affected by electromagnetic radiation. And the signal itself is not the cause of the formation of electromagnetic waves. But, when building large networks, it becomes necessary to install special receivers and transmitters that receive a light signal and convert it into an electrical one. Moreover, such converters usually work in two directions at once. The use of such components significantly increases the total cost of the network.

The above characteristics can be attributed to the advantages of fiber optic cable. But you need to know that the installation of fiber optic is a complex and precise job. The slightest defect in the form of a microchip will cause an increase in the decay rate. Splicing or adhesive with refractive indices equal to the glass fiber is used to connect several pieces of fiber optic cable. That is, the installation of the system should be carried out by professionals who are armed with a special tool. Also, do not forget that fiber is a rather expensive product, but it is justified by the quality. In our online store, there is a large selection of fiber optic cables, which you can buy right now by placing an order on our website. For example OKADt-D fiber optic cable for subscriber access FTTx/PON.
It is designed for laying telecommunication networks in cable ducts, as well as some types of soils that are not subject to deformation. It features a robust design with a small diameter and low weight, making transport, installation, and connection much easier. The structure of the cable differs in that each bundle of optical fibers is located in a separate module, all the remaining space of which is filled with a special filler. Steel tape protects the cable from mechanical damage and water penetration. Its shell is made of high-density polyethylene, it is durable and equipped with a cutting cord for easy access to the core during installation. Thanks to reliable materials, the cable can be used in almost any climatic zone during operation. This fiber-optic cable is practically a universal solution for building high-density telecommunication networks in large cities and in areas where additional protection from external factors is needed since it can also be laid along the outer walls of buildings.
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