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A cable clamp is a simple device for clamping or connecting a cable. In our online store you can find a large selection of necessary clamps used in construction work in the process of laying and securing cable routes indoors, outdoors and while working with high-voltage power lines. A wide variety of different types of clamps cover all types of clamping devices. Anchor clamps are the most widespread category of such devices.

Anchor clamp for cables is a special type of mechanism designed to secure electrical wires, cable lines. The device is used when anchoring and tensioning power lines, including the carrying wire, on end, corner and lighting poles. Anchoring clamps are convenient for use on branch connections to building entrances. The mechanism is often used for fastening and tensioning subscriber communication lines between objects.

In our online store, you can buy the Anchoring tension clamp H20. After reading the data and technical characteristics of this type of clamp, you can easily order it on our website.

The body of the clamp is made of aluminum alloy by extrusion, which ensures the high reliability of the clamp and its resistance to mechanical stress. The tapered insert is made of insulating material for added protection. The clamps are designed for installation and operation at low temperatures.
They are characterized by:

- high strength
- stability
- diminutiveness

For a successful installation of the cable, anchor clamps are almost always necessary, designed to hold the line in a "string" state. The standard distance to the nearest support should not exceed 50m, but everything is individual since the weight load depends on the connection section. An anchor tension clamp is mounted using a bracket or other anchorage directly to the building or any other point of support. Due to the external insulation protection, the connection point remains completely closed, which prevents damage.

You can find the clamp you need on our site. It is worth remembering that when choosing a clamp, it is also important to focus on the number of connected cores. Our team managers will help you to understand and, if necessary, purchase any type of cable clamps. In the product catalog on the site, fittings for wire installation are presented. We will provide the buyer with the necessary information for each type of clamp. Just contact us or place an online order.

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