How to choose the right cable?

Before building your network infrastructure you always come down to the important choice between fiber or copper. It is essential to make the right choice because the quality of work depends on it. It must be said that both types of cables have their advantages and peculiarities, while some installations require using both types of cables at some point.
Often the choice of cable type was determined by what it would be used for, how long it would be in one location, whether it would work outside, or how often wireless would be used as part of the cabling infrastructure. Also, the essential point is the price of the network components. Although, today's price difference has ceased to be too large, and on the contrary, a fiber-optic cable for networks can be cheaper than copper.
It is well-known that the quality of the signal becomes worse due to the distance, but single-mode fiber provides superior signal quality over kilometers. For this reason, it can transmit data at high bandwidth for very long distances. In such networks, the fiber material is ideal for transmitting signals over long distances, for example, between cities or remote branch offices. Essentially, there is no distance limit for it.
On our website, you can purchase a quality OKL ADSS fiber optic cable suspension self-supporting aerial cable. It is designed for suspension and operation on supports of overhead communication lines, urban electric transport, and overhead power lines under conditions of exposure to loads from wind, ice, temperature, and other interference. The temperature range ranges from -60° C to + 70° C. The laying temperature is not lower than - 10° C, and the permissible bending radius during installation and operation is not less than 20 nominal cable diameters. The service life of the cable is at least 25 years. The main advantages of OKL ADSS fiber optic cable suspension self-supporting aerial cable are resistance to rain, mold, fog, frost, and solar radiation.

If you prefer copper cables, you should look at the reliable and powerful Ethernet cable cat 6a Riser cable LSZH Pure solid copper UTP bulk 1000 ft zero halogen. It is used throughout the public network infrastructure. This cable reaches 500 MHz operating frequencies, making it suitable for 10 gigabit Ethernet. It is difficult to overestimate its advantages.

Our professionals will help you choose the right cable. To do this, you need to know your plans for the future, determine the goals, and the appropriate type of cable - fiber optic, copper, or both. We can also offer excellent prices for cables and equipment. Just contact us.

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