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Laying transmission lines is a time-consuming and demanding job, in which it is necessary to follow exact rules, use high-quality materials and adhere to a specific sequence of actions. When choosing a good self-supporting probe, you need to think about the cable clamp, which is simply necessary for you as a worker. When choosing a clamp, you should pay attention to its characteristics, whether it can hold the cable you need, whether it is reliable, whether it can withstand natural influences. It all depends on what kind of cable you are using, for what purpose and in what zone. The clamp should not harm the cable, easily attach to it, be strong and reliable.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with one of the most popular clamp - Wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp. This is a real hit of sales and a godsend for workers in the installation of cable lines.

You can familiarize yourself with all its features on our website.
Main characteristics:
✓ The clamp itself is designed for easy and instant fastening of self-supporting optical fiber cables with a circular cross-section (3 - 7 mm).
✓ When working with these items, you do not need to expose, separate or change the cable in any way.
✓ It can be used in areas with an interval of even 80 meters.
✓ The H3 attaches easily to the cable and is hooked to the loop with hooks and brackets.
✓ The working load of the anchoring clamp for the NC optical fiber is 1.8 kN.

The clamp allows you to hang the overhead lines along with the supports in the city from outside.

Thanks to the quality materials used in the manufacture of the product, it will last a long time and justify its price. Due to reliable and high-quality galvanized wire, the plastic case holds the entire clamp and fixes it securely.

Despite the solid construction and impressive tensioning capacity, the cable is not damaged or torn. This is possible due to the special position and design of the wedges, which are the main feature of this clamp. Strong and safe cable attachment without the slightest damage. The clamp does not cut the sheath, unlike its metal counterparts. This is exactly what is needed for networking.

Practical application of the clamp during installation allows a team of two people to install two or more kilometers of cable in 1 day.
So, if you have a question on what to hang an optical cable, then the answer is - anchor tension clamp H3.

On our website you can find out more detailed information about the availability, delivery times of the clamp. You can get quality advice by writing to our managers.

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