Twisted pair network cable is a versatile solution for both home and office lines

When it comes to the main choice when building your network infrastructure: fiber or copper, it is important to make the right choice. It must be said right away that both types of cable have their advantages and limitations. Let's take a look at where to use fiber or copper and why. Fiber optic is capable of providing ideal signal purity over long distances. It can also transmit data with high bandwidth over long distances. In such networks, fiber is ideal for long-distance signal transmission. After all, there are practically no restrictions on distances for him. In very large facilities such as high-rise buildings or professional entertainment centers, fiber is usually the ideal option for media functions. This is one of the many areas where fiber has completely overshadowed copper.
At the moment, OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable is very popular on the market. The cable is intended for manual and mechanized laying in cable ducts, pipes, blocks in the absence of the risk of damage by rodents and the absence of the threat of flooding; suspension on communication lines, power lines, contact networks of the railway and urban electric transport, city lighting poles, between buildings on high-voltage lines following the rules for electrical installations. The cable provides the strength and flexibility needed for suspension and routing in ducts, pipes, and subchannels.

Copper cables are ideal for the job if you need the wire to carry electrical current. By routing copper cables, you save yourself the extra hassle of finding a power source. By using copper cable, you can reduce the load on the network and get a mobile and multifunctional wire. It is powered through the same cable that it uses to receive data, devices can be placed or moved anywhere. Copper is often used inside a building to power and control network devices. This is one example of a situation where copper has its place in the network system. In our online store, you can buy high-quality Ethernet cable cat 6a Riser cable LSZH Pure solid copper UTP bulk 1000 ft zero halogen. This twisted pair network cable is a versatile solution for both home and office lines. It consists of 4 twisted pairs, externally protected by a metal shield and a strong sheath. The basis of the twisted pair is a copper conductor. Works perfectly in the network with all the most popular data transfer standards. The mains cable must be routed internally. The cable is stored in a bay, which is compactly folded into a special box. The length of the bay is 305 m. It does not cause additional difficulties during installation and operation.

The characteristics of the twisted pair cable meet the requirements of international quality certificates.

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