Versatility and durability of installation

The universal support clamp can be used to secure both self-supporting and dielectric fiber optic cables with a central strength member and is used to avoid excessive sagging of the cable. It consists of a curved steel bar and is equipped with self-adjusting steel wedges that firmly grip the carrier without damaging the outer insulation of the fiber optic cable.
This clamp is made of high-strength cold-resistant material, so that it can be installed on city lighting masts and on the walls of buildings every 110 meters, without fear of damage to the integrity of the structure from the influence of weather conditions during operation. The loop of the tension clamp is made of reliable metal wire and does not require any additional or special tool for the release, and the maximum angle of rotation of the track can reach 25 degrees. The designs of such clamps are quite simple, because their main task is to support the self-supporting cable.

The use of self-supporting and dielectric structures with the use of such cable accessories as universal clamps can significantly reduce the time required to build a new fiber-optic network. In addition, this solution greatly facilitates repairs in problem areas and speeds up the process of replacing and repairing transmission lines. This makes the universal cable clamps one of the most common devices that are highly valued by professionals.

For example, in our online store, there is a Universal supporting clamp P3.

This model of the support clamp is universal. It is used on intermediate supports between the anchoring points of a round cable type ADSS or a structure with a remote load-bearing element - "Figure 8". The clamp is designed for supports with a maximum span of 100m and can withstand loads up to 3000N. The clamp is easily assembled without specialized tools and specific skills of the worker.

This type of clamp has many advantages:

➢ Easy to mount, even a beginner can handle
➢ During installation, the wires are not deformed
➢ Robust and reliable, vibration and shock resistant.
➢ Do not require constant monitoring and maintenance
➢ Universal clamps allow you to connect different types of cables
➢ Convenient in terms of redoing connections and brute-force wires
➢ Contact density does not deteriorate over time

On our website you can get acquainted with all the intricacies of this clamp, view its characteristics and identify all the advantages. Working with such a device will greatly simplify the laying of the transmission line.
Just contact our manager or place an online order on the website.

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