When building cables it is essential to select correct product

In the modern world, optical fiber is playing an increasing role. Cable TV, communications, the Internet - now optical fiber has practically replaced conventional copper cables. However, the use of an optical cable has some nuances. One of the most important features of using fiber is its routing. When laying the cable, it is necessary to strictly avoid bending it, hitting the cable, stretching it, to avoid damage to the optical fiber of the cable. Therefore, they usually try to lay optical fiber in the ground or cable ducts, but this is not always possible. If it is impossible, inexpedient, or unprofitable to lay the cable in the open ground or cable duct, usually overhead fiber-optic lines are built, while the cable is mounted on existing supports of overhead communication lines, power transmission line supports, etc. Aerial cable laying allows to shorten the construction time of the optical network line and reduce the cost of its laying, although it requires certain features in the design and installation. Most often, when laying overhead lines of a fiber-optic network, a self-supporting optical cable is used. This type of cable, in addition to several cores of optical fiber, includes a special power element (steel or fiberglass cable) and also has a lightweight design. When building cables, it is extremely essential to select a good, high-quality, and correct product. On our site, you can choose a suitable and high-quality clamp.
Tension clamp H20 is an anchor-type clamp that is made for holding in a taut state of cables of circular cross-section with a size of 8 - 12 mm, cables when making networks lines along with lighting and power transmission poles. The increased length of the clamp body and wedges provides a large area of contact with the cable sheath and allows the cable to be fastened on spans more than 100 meters. The clamp is designed of high strength UV stabilized plastic. The clamp has a retainer that prevents the wedges from falling out and a guide system that ensures the synchronous movement of the wedges and spreading. The fastening eyelet made of quality metal wire 5 mm can be removed if necessary, which provides additional ease of installation.

It is essential to take seriously the process of choosing the proper clamp to suit the specific conditions of use because purchasing the wrong product can damage the whole cable. Just contact us.

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