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The choice of twisted pair: tips and tricks

Wireless technologies are developing rapidly, but companies that provide Internet access for private subscribers and various enterprises are still actively using cable data lines. They are reliable, protected from interference and distortion, are relatively inexpensive. On their basis, large-scale computer networks are organized with full access control. However, installing electrical cables only seems simple. In fact, the choice of the right twisted pair cable is a task that causes difficulties even for specialists with many years of experience in laying information networks. Twisted pair cablesIf you save on the organization of a large-scale computer network, it will not work uninterruptedly,...

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The principle of the optical cable

Optical fiber (fiber) is currently one of the most reliable materials for transmitting information and organizing communication lines. The optical cable consists of glass or plastic cores wrapped in a special braid. The walls of the cores are made in such a way that they are very smooth. How fiber optic cable worksEach core of the optical cable is arranged in such a way that light beams are reflected from its walls and fly on. Everyone knows that light is the fastest matter in the world. But the speed of data transmission through optical fiber is slightly lower, about 1...

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Fiber optic communication lines

Optical fiber is characterized by increased throughput, which allows you to use it to create fiber-optic communication lines that can provide high-speed data transfer. FOCL carrier medium is quartz glass. Due to the characteristics of the material, communication lines are characterized by insignificant losses and immunity to the influence of electromagnetic fields. Optical fiberSimilar systems responsible for the transmission of information are often used in the formation of work objects as external highways designed to combine individual buildings and structures, multi-story buildings. It is allowed to use a structural cable system as an internal carrier. The use of FOCL makes...

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Single-mode and multi-mode optical cable: features and differences

The first laser was introduced in 1960, and at the same time, communication systems based on its use began to develop. After almost 10 years, optical fiber was invented - the foundation of the Internet in its current state. Cables based on it have almost the same structure: in the center, there is a fiber for transmitting light, around it there is a sheath-damper that prevents the loss of radiation. Above it is insulation for added protection. The core and shell are made of quartz glass. The difference between the two is that the refractive index of the damper is...

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Private sector FTTH network construction technology

Navigation technology involves winding an optical cable onto a supporting element using a special winding machine. Let us consider in more detail the main stages of this process. Mounting the bearing on the supportsA self-supporting cable with a diameter of 7 mm or more can be used as a supporting element. Spiral clamps are used to secure the carrier as close to the support as possible. Installation of optical drop clutchesThe optical coupler is mounted on a special bracket, which is located at some distance from the support. It is better to install the coupling above the self-supporting cable (optical...

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