Anchoring tension clamp H20

On our website you can purchase not only various cables, but also clamps for them. People cannot do without this kind of technical product when laying communication lines: the wires through which the energy they need flows must be fixed on a variety of objects and surfaces.
When choosing clamps, it is necessary to clearly know which hooks they will be hung on in order to avoid a situation when the hole diameter in the clamp is less than the hook diameter.
There are a huge variety of anchor clamps. They are intended for anchor fastening of 2 or 4 cores of a wire of electric transfers from the highway to subscriber inputs. Used with any type of anchor brackets. The clamp material is resistant to corrosion, weathering and UV radiation. The design of clamps provides fast, easy and reliable installation.

Anchoring tension clamp H20 presented on our website is designed specifically for comfortable and problem-free attachment of optical cables. It is ideal for cables with round cross-section, the size of which varies from 8 to 11 mm. It allows you to make large enough spans between buildings and other support means (up to 120 meters)

On our website are also presented the anchoring tension clamp H24, ideal for tensioning and firmly installing a flat self-supporting cable, the size of which varies from 4 to 6.5 mm. This cable is often used to run between poles. Due to the increased size of the wedges, as well as the clamp itself, the length of the spill has also increased, now this figure reaches 120 m.

Pluses of clamps presented on our website:
1. Ease of operation. The operating principle of the anchor clamps reduces errors and damage during installation.

2. Minimal time spent for installation (just a few seconds). No cable stripping or striping of the support cable is required.

3. Safety when working with the product. Indeed, to work with these products, no additional tools are required, which already reduces the risk of injury.

4. Strength and durability. Anchoring clamps protect the cable from damaging external factors.

5. Economy. You need significantly fewer tools to fix the clamps. All parts of the tension clamps are interconnected and cannot be lost.

All information regarding the dimensions of the clamps can be found in the catalogs of the manufacturers. On our website you can read the characteristics of all products and choose the right option for your case.

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