Choosing the right clamp

The clamps allow rigidly and solidly attached insulated wires on the supports, pillars, etc. In the process of choosing and purchasing a cable clamp, it is necessary to take into account the features of a particular model. The differences include the following characteristics:

● view;
● a type;
● appointment;
● body material;
● the size;
● the form;
● section.

Despite the listed features, manufacturers produce anchor clamps for power lines for long-term operation. In the process of use, it works properly, does not break or fail, ensures uninterrupted and safe data transfer.

Anchoring clamps help to make the necessary tension on the cable line. Usually, they are installed in pairs on a pole: at the beginning and at the end of the line, as well as on every 5th support. On our online shop you can find quality products for laying communication lines, including clamps for cables that are resistant to environmental influences and mechanical endurance.

An anchor clamp is such a product: a wedge-shaped body and self-tensioning wedges through which a fiber optic cable is laid. The elements of the anchor clamp are made of a special plastic that does not expose to constant sunlight. This design allows you to reduce the time for hanging the cable. Also, the required line tension is carried out under the cable's weight. Our experts will help you select anchors according to the configuration of the cable to be laid.

The most popular model is the wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp. This product is used for the quick installation of optical cables with a circular cross-section of 5 - 7 millimetres. The product is capable of providing reliable clamping and high-quality fixing of cable products without the need to separate or expose the carrying cable. The simplicity of the design of the clamp, made for the arrangement of overhead communication lines, allows for reliable installation on lighting poles, with an interval of 50 meters. The clamp is compatible with fiber optic cables. The clamping loop is created of high quality hot-dip galvanized metallic wire. The clamp is designed in the form of a moulded body made of strong plastic with increased resistance to low temperatures, it is equipped with self-adjusting polymer wedges that can clamp the bearing elements without ruining the insulation.
Visit our online catalog and find a suitable clamp for your needs. You can write to us.

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