Clamping reliability is an integral part of the reliability of the entire fiber-optic line

The tension clamp was invented for creating the line in tight spaces. We offer clamps for every situation, and they all perform well in the most challenging climates.
They are intended for branching and sealed connection of lighting wires and subscriber wires, fixing a supporting insulated wire on branches and mains, for fixing a subscriber line (two-four), and a carrier neutral on supports.
  For the production of clamps, high-quality (high-alloy, non-corrosive) steels and alloys (high-tech and extra strong), resistant plastics are used that do not change their properties even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The plastics used in our clamps remain strong at temperatures down to minus 52 degrees. All types of these fasteners have a good margin of mounting dimensions and strength, so that you can work with a very wide range of cables and mounting points.
Tension clamps are created to hold cables tightly and securely. On our website you can find different types of clamps for different products.

Wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp is designed for fastening and holding a self-supporting cable of round cross-section in a taut state. High-strength UV-stabilized plastic provides a secure fit in all conditions.
The H3 design consists of a molded plastic body with molded plastic wedges and a steel hinge. The distance between the attachment points can be up to fifty meters.


- Wedge clamp for cables of circular cross-section 5 - 7 mm, also can be suitable for wires with external power elements (wire, rope or fiberglass rod).
- It consists of a frost-resistant plastic body, polymer wedges and a metallic hinge.
- During the setting, it does not require separation or cleaning of the supporting items for fixing.
- No need to use additional accessories.
- The cable sheath is not damaged when using these anchor clamps.
This is the most popular and user-friendly cable champ. It is ideal for both professionals and beginners.

For the convenience of choosing, let us get to know your project of the cable line, and we will help you choose everything you need for installation. Not only the clips themselves but the rest of the mounting set as well. Indeed, in such a matter as laying fiber-optic communications, there are no trifles. Welcome to our site for making an order.

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