Features of the universal clamp

When preparing for the creation of an overhead line based on self-supporting insulated wire, remember that a self-supporting cable is just one of the components of the total cost complex; everything else is the cost of fittings, without which high-quality and safe installation is impossible. By choosing unreliable installation elements, clamps in particular, and having completed the installation correctly, you will receive a self-supporting insulated wire that has been used for years without repair and does not lose its properties from this.

An intermediate suspension clamp is used to fasten straight sections in the span. It is used for auxiliary suspension of the cable on a perpendicularly laid steel cable, which is often done in urban environments. When laying networks, both universal supporting clamps and specially selected for a certain type of self-supporting insulated wire is used. When choosing, it is also important to focus on the number of connected cores.

In our online catalog, you can familiarize yourself with the range of products required for laying a transmission line. You can buy universal clamps from us, for example, Universal mounting bracket KP3 will become an irreplaceable assistant in your work.

The main feature of this clamp is a solid plastic surface without introducing other elements. The specially designed super resistant plastic makes the clamp ultra secure and durable. The pro will be able to immediately assess the strength and reliability of the element.
This clamp is suitable for fastening cables with short spans, with a detachable fixing loop. To connect this clamp, you will need a bandage tape or several screws. The structure is easily attached to any kind of surface.

Universal clamps allow fastening not only traditional “figure eight” cables with a metal bearing element, but also small-sized cables of various designs: round, flat, “figure eight” and others. High-strength plastic, stabilized against UV rays, provides a secure fit in all climates.

Main advantages of universal clamps:

● The design is characterized by high mechanical strength.
● Possibility of fastening various types of cables
● The connection responds perfectly to the manifestation of vibrations
● It has versatility in the type of supports and surfaces on which it can be installed; installed on all types of supports
● Control over the quality of products during the production process with testing at every stage, which is confirmed by product certificates

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