How to choose the right cable accessories?

Fiber-optic communication lines are laid both indoors and outdoors or underground - wherever other infrastructure elements can be installed. Moreover, each of the available installation methods requires compliance with certain standards and requirements related to the characteristics of the geographic area and the type of construction used. Accordingly, a specific type of cable and suitable cable accessories must be used to ensure that it is properly secured and secured. Depending on the type of mounting structure, the fittings for the optical cable may differ, therefore, before starting work, you must make sure that all components are compatible.
When laying network connections, you need to remember about additional elements that may be needed in the process of work. These include various clamps. Сhoosing an accessory for a cable, you need to remember the conditions and characteristics of the fiber-optic cable itself. Depending on what kind of load the cable will have to withstand or how long it is, it is necessary to select a suitable clamp. It will be able to secure the transmission line in the required places without damaging it.

Wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp is designed for fastening and holding in a taut state of self-supporting optical cables of circular cross-section with a size of 4-6 mm, cables of type "8" on a steel wire.

Key Features:
● Basically, this clamp is used when laying communication lines with spans of about 50 meters. It is mounted on poles, lighting poles and buildings.
● Reliable materials in the form of strong plastic and steel hinges make the clamp reliable and durable.
● It is resistant to temperature extremes and prolonged exposure to sunlight.
● It has a special attachment loop, which is attached to the stay thanks to the hook. If necessary, it can be unhooked.
● The clamp has a latch to prevent the wedges from falling out and a guide system that ensures the synchronous movement of the wedges when they are opened. All this makes the job of laying the line simple and easy.
● You don't need any additional special tools to use the clamp.
● The H3 clamp has a budget modification with a load volume of 1.4 kN.

In the catalog of our site, various cable accessories are widely presented, in a large assortment, there are cable clamps. These are tension and suspension anchor, wedge clamps with a convenient fastening mechanism. Clamp H3 is especially favorably differ from the others with a simple and reliable design, thanks to which their fastening does not require much time and special preparation, and besides, it is a safe clamping version.

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