Modern clamp for FTTH network

 When designing electrical wiring, all questions that relate to additional accessories are often ignored, since this moment is assessed as a matter of course. However, installing a wire routing clamp is a very difficult job requiring complete knowledge of the technology. Before installing the optical support clamp, read the installation instructions. The method of fastening depends on the design of the product and the type of cable. When conducting wires, it is important to be guided by two bases - these are durability and safety. Besides, any element or part of the chain can be reached without problems for repair or replacement. In this article, we will look at the character check of the Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp.

The main characteristics and pluses of this clamp, as well as its advantages over other types:

- it has a mechanical strength that is many times higher than the strength of analogs;

- clamp has a simple fastening method;

- it has versatility in the type of racks and surfaces on which it can be installed;

- product is installed on all types of fasteners made of any material;

- it is made of resistant materials;

- have the possibility of installation in confined and difficult conditions;

- the sealing strength is not less than 200 N;

- it reduces the possibility of cable damage.

The product is super resistant to UV radiation and sudden changes in temperature conditions. Thus, the clamp for wires ensures high-quality operation of cable and wire communications, allowing you to connect conductors. It avoids crimp unevenness due to its special design.Another advantage that professionals love this type of clamp is its ability not to destroy the cable. Although the product is capable of firmly holding the wire, it does not pinch it. Due to its hook shape, the clamp is used for attaching to the traverse. The special design of the clamp provides compensation for the shrinkage of the insulation of the wire during operation and guarantees reliable fastening. That is why exactly this product will be a perfect choice for your work.

You can easily buy a support clamp and other fasteners for fiber-optic lines on our online shop. Clamps are available in stainless steel, aluminum, thermoplastic, and high strength polymers for flat and round cables. Also, you can order different clamps, the price of which depends on the material and design. You can contact us to clarify the details.

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