OKADt-D fiber optic cable for subscriber access FTTx/PON

Nowaday, European operators are actively introducing PON technology. It is a passive optical network technology. One of the main challenges facing modern telecommunication access networks is the so-called “last mile” problem, providing as much bandwidth as possible to individual and corporate subscribers at a minimal cost. Each subscriber unit is designed for an ordinary residential building or office building and, in turn, can cover hundreds of subscribers. All subscriber nodes are terminal, and the disconnection or failure of one or more subscriber nodes does not affect the operation of the rest.

Also, today there is a dynamic development of the FTTx market, which is largely due to the increased interest of subscribers to new types of content - first of all, these are graphics and videos of sufficiently high quality. The huge popularity of the so-called social networks, the ability to generate content by the users themselves, as well as direct file exchange applications, give rise to symmetric traffic flows, unusual for previously widespread client-server applications with asymmetric traffic.

To successfully lay such a network, a special cable is required. In our online store, we offer a wide range of fiber optic cables. OKADt-D fiber optic cable for subscriber access FTTx/PON is ideal for the process of laying lines.

This fiber optic cable is designed for laying telecommunication networks overhead, in cable ducts, inside buildings, and is certified for use in Europe. OKADt-D fiber optic cable for subscriber access FTTx/PON is characterized by increased flexibility, small diameter, and low weight, which makes the process of transportation, installation, and connection of the end-user to the existing infrastructure of fiber optic networks is much easier. This cable is best used for indoor installations in areas of low corrosiveness.

The peculiarity of the cable structure is that its core, consisting of a single-mode optical fiber, is located in the central module, reinforced on both sides with a pair of fiberglass rods. The outer shell of this optic cable is made of medium-pressure polyethylene - it is reliable, durable, and easy to remove. Due to this, the cable can be used in almost any climatic zone, without fear of breaking its integrity during operation. The diameter of the entire structure is 4x8 mm, and the flexible sheath makes this cable an ideal solution for laying telecommunication networks inside buildings for connecting users using FTTH technology.

Buy OKADt-D fiber optic cable for subscriber access FTTx/PON on our website.

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