Optical communication cables are one of the most promising types of cable products

Fiber optic cables are intended for data transmission networks with a transmission rate of up to one terabit per second.
Currently, fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) are firmly in their positions and are developing intensively.
You can find many fiber optic cables on our websites, such as OKT-D fiber optic cable FTTH aerial drop subscriber access cable, OKL unarmored fiber optic cable, OKT unarmored fiber optic cable for several, ducts, pipes, and others.
Armored cable for direct burial OTLMr 24 fibers Corning SMF-28 is intended for laying teledensity in cable ducts, as well as pipes, blocks, collectors. This armored cable features a rugged design with a small diameter and lightweight, making it much easier to transport, install and connect to existing fiber infrastructure or build a new one. Each bundle of optical fibers is located in a central tube, the entire remaining space of which is filled with a thixotropic hydrophobic gel. The optical fibers are protected from mechanical damage and moisture penetration by corrugated steel laminated tape. Thanks to reliable materials, you can use this kind of cable in any climatic zone without fear of breaking its integrity during operation. This cable is best used for installation in cable ducts, pipes, and where there is a danger of flooding for a long-timer, the threat of damage by rodents.
Optical communication cables are one of the most promising types of network cable products. They are becoming more and more widespread every day since they are unsurpassed in transmission characteristics and allow providing the highest information capacity of the communication channel.

Copper cables are also one of the most popular types of cabling and wiring products. These types of cables can withstand repeated mechanical stress in the form of bending, twisting, which makes their operation extremely reliable with the possibility of multiple changes in the electrical circuit. Although the price of a copper cable is higher than that of products with aluminum conductors, it will delight you with its characteristics.

For example, Ethernet cable cat 6a Low Smoke PVC Riser cable Pure solid copper UTP bulk 1000 ft presented on our website. It is the perfect cable for any network. Cat 6 is currently the most advanced generation of cables, faster and better. It can support higher frequencies. This cable has a splitter to solve interference that isolates each of the four pairs of twisted wire from the others, which reduces spurious interference, provides faster data transmission speed.
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