Qualitative cable clamps at a good price and with a quality guarantee

The laying of overhead power lines is a demanding job that requires strict adherence to the rules for installing wires and fittings, as well as safety precautions during work. Anchoring clamps are one of the most important elements, which is responsible both for fixing the wires on various types of supports and for their tension.

Anchor clamps come in several types and designs. There are wedge clamps required for fastening and securely fixing the wire, as well as tension clamps, which also support the wires on the supports and provide the required degree of tension.

Installation of clamps is necessary for places of elevation differences, bends of power lines when conducting bends from the mainline. Anchor clamps production materials: plastic, steel, aluminum alloys. Anchor clamps must ensure reliable fixation of wires and their tension, preventing sagging under the influence of strong wind and ice. Also, the clamps must be resistant to moisture, high and low ambient temperatures, and sunlight. The anchor clamp is fixed to the support using hooks and brackets, and the wire is fixed using a wedge-shaped insert that does not damage the insulating layer. There are clamps designed for a wire with a different number of cores, as well as designed for the simultaneous fastening of several wires.

It is necessary to select anchor clamps and other fittings in strict accordance with the project documentation. A wide range of manufactured anchor clamps is presented in the catalog on our website. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with the regulatory documents at the enterprises, have passed quality control, and have all the necessary certificates. You can buy all designs of anchor clamps in any volume, from 1 piece to large wholesale. You can get detailed advice on the choice of valves, advantages, and application features, as well as place an order by contacting us.

On our website, you can order wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp
is intended for fastening and maintenance in a tense condition of round self-supporting cables with a diameter from 5 to 7 mm.
Also, we highly recommend you to purchase a reliable and irreplaceable wedge type tension clamp H6 anchor clamp. These clamps are designed for quick fastening and reliable holding in a taut state of round self-supporting cables with a diameter of 6 to 9 mm.

You can buy qualitative cable clamps at a good price and with a quality guarantee! Contact us or place an order on the website.

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