Safe and simple mounts

Predominantly the most popular and well-known cable mount that will help you quickly secure cables and wires is the clip. It is sometimes used in conjunction with banding straps. Usually, the width of such tapes is no more than 20 mm. The clamp itself is made of stainless steel, various metals, which greatly enhances its quality and reliability. Thanks to this, they can withstand the cable on any surface, which is very convenient in everyday life and greatly facilitates the work. They are very easy to fix, you don't need a lot of time or any additional skills. You can see the fasteners for the cable in our product catalog and choose the one you need.

Basic safety rule for fastening

Under no circumstances should the cable be nailed or screwed in. It is quite easy to damage the cable in this way, and then it can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

That is why it is recommended to choose the type of fastening that is right for you, as this will guarantee safety and reliability.

Best universal clamp

Usually, a universal clamp is used for cable ties of all kinds. It is often used for both sagging and over-pulling cables. They are able to hold the wire at the required voltage for spans up to and for 100 m.

The bandage tape can withstand up to 850 kg of load. Thanks to such a tape, you can easily fix a variety of hooks, brackets, and you can finally fix the cable itself in a pair with a clip. Clips and hangers are very popular in everyday life, with which you can fasten cables of a small cross-section.

The price of cable fasteners, such as a dowel clamp, will be low. It is made of plastic and can securely fix the cable. You just need to drill a hole of the correct size and put a dowel-clamp inside. It does not take long, and the result will satisfy you since the mount will be strong and reliable.
On our website, you can view the specifications and order the Universal supporting clamp P3. It is ideal for almost any type of cable, both optical and whole skein.
This clamp is unique in that it will not damage your cable at all. The special structure of the cable that is attached to the cable is designed to minimize damage and make the installation process as comfortable as possible.

The main advantages of using such clamps are:

● do not need special tools during installation
● the highest quality and strongest
● reduces the time for laying transmission lines

The working temperature of this clamp is ideal for Europe - from -30C ° to + 50C °.

Make an order for such a clamp on our website.

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