The correct choice of fastening elements

Support clamps are intended for fixing wiring to intermediate-angle and intermediate supports of transmission lines. With tension clamps, the wires are fixed to the tension strings of the anchor supports of high-voltage lines. Steel hooks are used to fix overhead transmission lines, pin insulators and telegraph lines to poles. They are screwed into the support racks. Fastening of insulators is carried out on hooks using special caps or tow. In some cases, hooks are welded to the crossheads of the supports. 

The correct choice of fastening elements in the design of power transmission lines will ensure its long and reliable operation. Among the main points that you need to pay attention to, it is worth noting the technical characteristics of the cable used. It is on them that the parameters of the fasteners will largely depend. The diameter of the cable or its supporting element. All clamps have restrictions on the minimum and maximum diameter of the optics, which they can fix without slipping or damage. It is best to focus on the average. Limit radius of bending and sagging. Depending on this indicator, you can use different types of fasteners without fear of poor-quality installation. Specific weight of the cable. Fiber optic, together with its protective sheathing in long sections, can be very heavy and create significant braking forces on the clamps, so it is very important to correctly calculate the expected loads on your armature. When building or renovating a large-scale network, it is better to wholesale optical cable tension clamps. Thanks to this, you will significantly save when implementing such a project. It is important that these savings do not affect the quality of the fasteners. Pay attention to the quality of the materials of which the clips are made and give preference to well-known manufacturers. Products of dubious origin can cost you not only the money spent on their purchase but also possible troubles in the event of a cable break or damage. On our website you can read about the characteristic features of various clamps.

We have high quality universal clamps. For example, the universal support clamp P1 for all types of cables, which is ideal for fastening optical cables with a remote power element. You can also check out the Universal supporting clamp P3. This clamp is used to suspend dielectric and self-supporting optical cables. The versatility of this product allows it to be used for hanging a single cable or for a roll of cables.

Also, you can find on our site such a tool as universal mounting bracket KP3. This is the bracket that consists of plastic at all. Thanks to quality materials and finishes, this element is very strong and durable. It is used to connect clamps with a detachable fastening loop.

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