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When laying the transmission line, make sure that it is securely fastened. After all, not a single cable is insured against damage or breakage from the support. It is important to remember that the likelihood of vibrations on the line depends on several factors. It may be due to an increase in the span length, mounting tension, an increase in the mass of the optical cable, or when the line passes through open sections.
Today, there are many ways to connect wires. There are about a dozen types of clamps alone. One of them is Universal supporting clamp P3. With it, you can quickly cut into a line or connect a conductor without a soldering iron and expensive tools. Among experts, there are a lot of disputes, myths, and conjectures about these products. In this article, we will consider what kind of clamp it is and how it can be used.
First of all, let's see the advantages of this clamp:

● The structure is characterized by high mechanical strength.
● An expanded range of standard sizes allows you to connect wires with a large cross-section.
● Reliability and durability of the material.
● Variations in color schemes in the insulation of the terminal blocks simplify distinguishing between wires and connections depending on the purpose.
● Control over the quality of products during the production process with testing at every stage, confirmed by product certificates.

The universal clamp is the favorite way of connecting computer and telephone installers more than any other electrician. They are great for low-current circuits such as twisted pairs. Universal clamp P3 is made for reliable fastening of any cable in intermediate sections with a single laying and bundles. In appearance, this clamp resembles a solid elastic band (wide enough) with metal hooks and ties. It is ideal for support in an intermediate cable section or multiple wires. Thanks to the high-quality material and durable clamping elements, it will serve you for many years. When laying a transmission line, you do not need additional tools or installation skills when using this clamp-type.

Fixation of the power transmission cable is not carried out with the help of teeth but because the wedges of the clamp maximally embrace the cord. There are several protrusions on the plastic surface of the fixture to secure the wire as securely as possible. Such a secure attachment does not allow the wire to slip and break. Nevertheless, there is no need to fear in vain to break or damage the cord through which the data is transmitted. This clamp has everything provided for down to the smallest detail. The strongest wind or wire tension will not damage the data line or break the cable itself. The main technical characteristics of our clamps meet the requirements of all European standards; they are also tested for quality, durability, and safety in operation.

How to buy a support clamp and all the more detailed information about the availability delivery time of the P3 clamp, you can get by calling us—only the best price and quality. You can familiarize yourself with the presented products on our website or discuss everything that interests you with the manager.

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