UScomService fiber drop cables - Fiber optic cables for FTTH networks

UScomService with Odeskabel designs its own ranges of fiber optic drop cables. Under the Odeskabel brand, we offer a comprehensive solution of drop cables for indoor, outdoor or outdoor-indoor applications. Quality fiber optics and first-choice sheath materials ensure the permanence and reliability of FTTH networks for which these cables are used: from their deployment until the end of their life cycle.

Fiber optic cables for FTTH networks
UScomService solutions are perfectly suitable for different network access architectures. Whether they are indoor, outdoor, pre-terminated with standard or hardened connectors, UScomService optical drop cables enable fast and optimized fiber optic roll-outs from optical terminal points up to subscriber’s optical outlet. Our offer includes several cable families:

  • OKT and OKTs drop cables: these fiber optic cables are mainly used for the connection of SDUs and MDUs. Enabling the last mile deployment on short distances, these cables can be pulled into ducts on less than 50 meters sections. OKT and OKTs offer the same performances, yet a different construction. While OKT is built with a tube, the OKTs presents a tube for each fiber offering an independent fiber management.
  • OKTw drop cable: these double sheathed fiber optic cables are versatile solutions as they can be used both for outdoor or indoor applications. Their HDPE outer sheath strips off easily to give access to an inner LSZH-FR cable (Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant).
  • OKAD-M (D) drop cable: presenting a flat shape, this optical cable is specially engineered for indoor applications by using pushing techniques. For the connection of single dwelling units in FTTH access networks. Easy to handle and to install, the UScomService OKAD-M drop cable can run into occupied conduits.
  • OKT-D drop cable: this fiber optic cables is used for indoor applications in MDUs roll-outs. Thanks to its small diameter and tight buffer, this cable provides for an optimal solution in terms of installations alongside baseboards, door or window frames or into occupied conduits.

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