Anchoring tension clamp H24 is suitable for the most comfortable attachment of flat self-supporting cables

There are two types of self-supporting cables: conventional or with an external power element. A conventional self-supporting cable contains a power element inside, in fact, the cable housing. A steel or fiberglass cable is the core of such a cable. This type of cable is used in all possible types of overhead lines.
When installing overhead cables, it is extremely important to choose a good, high quality and correct mount. There are three main types of cable fastening: tension, support and combined.

With the tensioning method of fastening the cable, the optical fiber is under tension on special anchor clamps. Clamps are installed at the beginning and end of the track, at its turns. In addition, they can be used at several points in the middle of a long straight section, in places of significant tensile stress on the cable, when the height of the attachment points, etc. Structurally, the anchor clamp consists of high-strength, non-falling wedges and a stainless steel cable, which helps to regulate the tension force.

On our website, Anchoring tension clamp H24 is presented, which is suitable for the ideal and most comfortable attachment and tension of flat self-supporting cables with a thickness of 4-6.5 mm when laying communication lines. With this clamp, it became possible to increase the span distance by more than 120 meters. This is accompanied by the special length of the body and wedges. The product is made of high quality plastic that can withstand both high and low temperatures. To prevent the wedges from falling out, a special retainer is installed in the clamp. The wedges unbend synchronously thanks to the guide system. The retaining spring made of 5 mm steel wire can be removed as needed, which provides additional ease of installation. This clamp has a lot of advantages and benefits. That is why professional builders choose it. On our website you can purchase this product at an affordable price.

Remember that all clamps must meet the following criteria:
- strength (as a material, a type of metal should be used that is resistant to vibrations and various chemical and mechanical influences);
- resistance to corrosion (metal must be subjected to special processing, for example, galvanized);
- simplicity of operation (compactness and ease of installation are important here);
- versatility (the ability to use in different environmental conditions and in a wide temperature range).

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