Anchoring tension clamp H28

It is impossible to imagine creating a fiber optic cable network without the use of clamps. Tension clamps are designed to rigidly fasten the cable to the supports. The tension anchor clamps presented on our website are usually used for fastening self-supporting optical cables of the "8" type. 

For example, let's consider anchoring tension clamp H28. It is an anchor-type clamp designed to fix and hold in tension a self-supporting optical cable during the installation of communication lines on power poles. These clamps are used with both types of cable: round section 4-6.5 mm in diameter, and cable type "8" including those with a supporting dielectric element. This clamp has an increased length of the body and wedges, which gives a large contact area with the cable sheath, so the cable can be used on spans up to 120 m. The hull and wedges of the H28 clamp are made of high-strength, UV-stabilized plastic.

The material from which the body and wedges of the H28 clamp are made is a high-strength plastic, stabilized to UV rays. It has a retainer that prevents the wedges from falling out, and there are also guides along which the wedges move synchronously. The fixing loop, made of the galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 5 mm, can be removed if necessary, making installation more convenient. The main advantages of this type of clamp are ease of installation and high reliability.

The use of self-supporting structures with the use of such cable items as tension clamps H28 can significantly reduce the time required to build a new fiber-optic network. Besides, this solution greatly facilitates repairs in problem areas and speeds up the process of replacing an entire highway. As a result, the high speed of laying the networks fully covers the costs of purchasing anchor tension clamps for suspending round fiber optic cables.

• Simplicity.
The operating principle of the anchor clamps reduces installation errors and damage.
• Speed.
The installation time of the anchor clamps takes a few seconds. There is no need to cut the cable and strip the supporting cable.
• Safety.
Tool-free clamping reduces the risk of injury to installers.
• Reliability.
Anchoring tension clamps protect the cable from wind vibrations.
• Savings.
Consumption of materials and tools is reduced. All parts of the tension clamps are interconnected and cannot be lost.

It will be easy for you to choose a quality product on our website, after reviewing the features of these clamps.

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