Fiber-optic cable OKT8

Fiber optic cable is a fundamentally different type of cable compared to other types of electrical or copper cables.Information on it is transmitted not by an electrical signal, but by a light signal. Its main element is transparent fiberglass, through which light travels over huge distances (up to tens of kilometers) with insignificant attenuation.
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OKT-8 fiber optic like figure 8 suspension cable with metal remote load-bearing element is designed for hanging on supports of overhead communication lines, power lines, lighting poles, between buildings and structures, as well as for laying in cable ducts, in pipes, in blocks, in tunnels, in collectors, on bridges and overpasses.
Fiber-optic cable OKT8 is designed for laying telecommunication networks overhead and for operation in icy conditions, gusty winds, as well as extreme seasonal temperatures. The single-module cable features a robust design with a small diameter and light weight, making it much easier to transport, install and connect to an existing fiber infrastructure or build a new one. This cable is best used for suspension between buildings at medium distances from each other on lighting poles and telecommunication poles as a distribution cable. Its core, consisting of single-mode optical fibers, is located in the central module, the entire remaining space of which is filled with hydrophobic filler. The steel cable provides additional strength for the supporting structure of the fiber optic cable. The optical fibers are protected from mechanical damage and moisture penetration by a water-blocking tape, and the outer sheath of this cable is made of high density polyethylene - it is reliable, durable and easily removable. Due to this, the cable can be used in almost any climatic zone of our region, without fear of breaking its integrity during operation.
The diameter of the entire structure together with the sheath is 10x18.6 mm, and the weight of one kilometer of cable does not exceed 160 kg, which makes the OKT8 fiber-optic cable an ideal solution both for building high-density telecommunication networks in large cities and for connecting small towns.
Fiber-optic cable has exceptional characteristics in terms of noise immunity and secrecy of transmitted information. In principle, no external electromagnetic interference is capable of distorting the light signal, and this signal itself, in principle, does not generate external electromagnetic radiation.
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