Building-up dependable overhead infrastructures with UScomService

The choice between anchoring or suspension depends on the chosen network configuration. Anchoring is recommended on transport and distribution networks for cable fixing on poles. Suspension however is used on intermediate poles in order to avoid that aerial cables hang randomly between the two extremity poles used for the dead-ending. Anchoring and suspension are essential to preserve reliable telecom networks. US Communication Service fully understands the importance of these two operations and that of rigorously respecting engineering rules during telecommunications network deployments.

To empower dependable ultrafast broadband deployments, UScomService has developed unparalleled ranges of cable dead-end solutions for spans up to 150m. These products are organized in two main families: anchor clamps with wedge design and dead-ends. While anchor clamps are ready-to-be-used and reusable devices if necessary, dead-ends require additional material in order to be mounted on telecom networks. These last solutions are especially recommended for transport networks, characterized by greater spans than those commonly met on distribution networks or the last mile.

US Communication Service provides suspension for round fiber optic cables such as circular all-dielectric self-supporting ones or similar. We offer a comprehensive range of hardware for ADSS round fiber optic cables with diameters between 2 and 16 mm and for spans up to 150m. Within UScomService ACADSS clamp range you will find optimal FTTH cables dead-ending solutions for poles or facades. These in-house solutions as well as our dead-ending spirals are engineered to respect the functional characteristics of cables, their bend radius while also providing for an optimal grip.

UScomService suspension solutions are to be installed on intermediate poles, in alignment configurations or when overhead lines make an angle inferior to 25°. For greater angles, it is mandatory to create a double dead-ending.

To meet all configuration needs, US Communication Service also provides an extensive range of FTTH drop clamps offering optimal performances for most commonly met aerial round cables with rigid insulation or other cables available on the market.

To cover the maintenance needs on already installed copper networks, UScomService manufactures and upgrades its anchoring, suspension, and drop solutions for aerial copper lines. Thus, in UScomService range of solutions, you will find suspension parallel groove clamps for figure-8 wires laid on transport and distribution networks, as well as drop clamps for simple or double anchoring of round or flat copper cables.

UScomService anchoring and suspension solutions are made to withstand the test of time and the elements. Our engineers develop each product solution by meticulously considering the installation environment. When designing or upgrading a product solution UScomServices experts pay special attention to certain criteria such as scalability, in order to anticipate the evolution of ultrafast broadband networks and enable future connections.

UScomService solutions are entirely inspired by the field challenges and needs listed by major CPs and their subcontractors. All our products are developed as technician-friendly solutions: for simple, fast and tool-less installations. Moreover, they are engineered to respond to modularity criteria in order to offer versatility and to suit to all network configurations. That is why our R&D experts constantly develop and update UScomService suspension and anchoring offer: to raise the field challenges with scientific accuracy.​​​​​​​

All our products are manufactured in our own production units, based in Europe.

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