Tensioning clamps for fiber optic cables

Anchor stretching clamps are special fastening elements for the reliable fixation of optical cables of various types on poles. The anchoring constructions do not require any special skills for installation, are used without any restrictions, and allow for completing the cable installation in a short time.
Area of application of anchor clamps
The main application of anchor clamps is the construction of communication lines on the poles of lighting and electricity transmission with a distance of up to 100m between the bars.
The most common way of laying cable routes is to hang them from existing power line poles or lighting equipment masts. A cable strain relief is used if the height of the cable route changes significantly in the course of installation, if the route line is turned if there is a cable descent or cable entry into a building. Anchor clamps are used at civil, industrial, and unique sites for drawing cable lines with load-bearing wire, glass reinforcement, or steel wire rope.
Design elements
The Anchor Tension Clamp consists of:
- a high-strength body to protect the connections against external loads and mechanical pressure;
- wedges, which are reliably and tightly secured to the body and have no possibility of falling out;
- wire ropes made of robust stainless steel.
The following clamps are available in our catalog:
1. Anchoring, wedge-shaped tension clamp H3 models are suitable for self-supporting aerial or ADSS fiber optic cables, electric cables, and for "figure 8"-like cables with the external load-bearing element - for round cables with diameters from 0.15" to 0.275" (4-7mm).
2. Anchoring tension clamp H20 is suitable for round cables with diameters from 0.315 to 0.55 (8-14 mm)
Anchoring, wedge-shaped tension clamp H24 is suitable for oval or flat cables diameter from 0.315" to 0.55" (8-14 mm).
Installation Procedure
Installation does not require any preparation or additional tools. The work is divided into several steps:
1. Installing the clamp on the support.
2. Partial insertion of wedges into the housing;
3. cable entry;
4. clamping the cable;
5. installation of the steel loop.
6. Tensioning of cable, resulting in firmly and reliably fixed wedges to the cable wire.
Clamp body and wedges are made of high-strength frost-resistant material. The design of the wedges allows fixing the cable in the clamp without unnecessary efforts reliably.
Advantages of US Communication Service Anchor Clamps

The main advantage of these anchor clamps over other designs used to secure wires and cables is their high stability and reliability. It also guarantees reliable and highly effective protection of constructions against the influence of corrosion and an aggressive environment.
This anchor clamp is light in weight, has compact dimensions. Its installation is simple and convenient. No special tools are required during the installation of this clamp. It has international quality standards, is reliable, and has a long service life. It can function under heavy mechanical load.

The choice of optical cable is a no less critical stage, which should be approached with special attention, as it is usually planned to be used for at least ten years.

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