How to choose clamps for mounting

If you are engaged in various electrical work, then you need to pay special attention to the cable fixing, since it plays a rather large role during such work. You need to buy high quality cable fasteners so that it is reliable and does its job well.

Cable clamps are often used to attach wires to concrete and brick walls, without special protective boxes.

It is important not only to choose the right cable or wire but to pay attention to the choice of a good and strong cable mount, as well as the installation itself.
Optical anchor clamps have become very popular. Most of the time they are made of stainless steel, so they are very sturdy. The cable will be clamped evenly along its entire length, therefore, it will not be pinched, and you can not worry about possible damage. The clamp is very lightweight, reliably protected from corrosion, so it will serve for a long time. The main thing to remember is that during installation, the insert must be protrusions towards the cable. You can get fasteners for the cable on our website, delivery to various cities is possible.

Wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp is styling for quick fastening of self-supporting optical cables with a circular cross-section from five to 7 mm, as well as cables on a steel wire or cable. Provides clamping fastening of cables without the need to strip or detach the carrier cable. Structurally simple clamp for building overhead communication lines along lighting poles with a maximum span of 50 m. Attaches to the hook, traverses and hangers. It's compatible with tons of cables. Its hinges are made of high quality hot-dip galvanized steel wire. The clamp consists of plastic housing that is highly resistant to various temperatures. Its polymer wedges can be trimmed without damaging the most important attachment element - the cable itself. An experienced craftsman will be able to cope with the installation of this clamp in a matter of minutes, without using any third-party elements.

Pros of clamp:

Fastening reliability
High quality material
Perfect durability
Easy to instal

You can buy all the accessories for installing the transmission line in our online store. After you look at the clip, familiarize yourself with its characteristics, you can order the product. Our managers will help you find the perfect option for you. Only the best quality of the product on our online shop.

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