Tension clamps are designed to rigidly fasten the cable to the supports

They are installed at the beginning and end of the line, in the places of its turns, and can also be used in places of increased tensile load on the cable, with a long length of straight sections - for suspension at several intermediate points.
Before buying a cable clamp, you should read the recommendations for their selection:

- the loop should be hit by a cable-like one, which compensates for the load from the wind, damage to the cable at the clamping point;
- the teeth of the wedges should not pierce the cable sheath, regardless of the cable design, even if a cable with a cable or steel wire is selected;
- the larger the area of the clamped surface, the more reliable the cable grip with the clamp, therefore, the right choice is elongated;
- a priori material should be UV and frost-resistant.

For the correct choice of the clamp, it is necessary to determine the type of cable, study all the parameters of the cable (diameter, width and height for flat). It is also worth considering the load based on the geographical area and the spans between the supports.

Thus, the armature of cable lines reduces the complexity of installation, increases the mechanical endurance of communication lines and guarantees increased resistance to environmental influences.
On our website you can purchase cables and clamps for them.

You can choose tension clamps anchor type H20 that is suitable for fastening self-supporting cables of circular cross-section, for tensioning them around the perimeter of the supports. Thanks to the extended body and wedges of the product, it became possible to leave a sufficiently large area of contact with the cable. It also facilitates the routing of cables over distances of more than 100 meters.
The body and wedges of this clamp are made of ultra-high quality plastic that is resistant to temperature and sunlight. Also, the clip comes with a special lock that prevents the wedges from falling out. Smooth and synchronous wedge movements are ensured by the guiding system.

The clamp is attached by a loop to traverses, hooks, brackets, which is made of quality graded steel.
These clamps will become real helpers for laying transmission lines.

If you still have difficulties with choosing the product you need, contact us and we will be happy to help you in choosing the equipment option you need.

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