What is fiber optic cable for?

There are many different types of cables. They differ in technical characteristics and methods of use. For example, fiber optic cables are used to create communication lines capable of providing maximum data transfer rates. Optical fiber has the highest bandwidth among all existing communications. Transfer rates can be tens of gigabytes or even terabytes per second.
The use of optical fiber makes it possible to unite workplaces to provide high-speed Internet downloads simultaneously on all machines, high-quality telephone communication and television reception.
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Armored central tubular fiber optic cable OKTBg for direct burial, air ducts, pipes, blocks is designed for laying networks in cable channels, as well as some soils. This technology is certified for use in European countries. This armored dielectric multi-module cable has a robust design with a small diameter and light weight, making it easy to transport, install and connect to existing fiber infrastructure or build a new one. This cable is best used for laying in cable ducts, pipes, and also where there is a danger of flooding for a long time or the threat of damage by rodents. Cable design Each bundle of optical fibers is located in a separate module, the rest of the space of which is filled with hydrophobic filler. The fiberglass rod provides additional strength to the supporting structure of the cable.

The fibers are protected from mechanical damage and moisture penetration by a braid of aramid filaments. The outer jacket of this cable is made of corrugated steel armor and HDPE, which is durable and easy to remove. Thanks to reliable materials, this cable is suitable for almost any climatic zone of our region, without fear of breaking its integrity during operation. The diameter of the entire structure together with the sheath is 11-25 mm, and the weight of one kilometer of cable does not exceed 350 kg, which makes the OCTBg fiber-optic cable armored with a central tube for direct burial, air ducts, pipes, blocks and an almost universal solution for high-density building in large cities and in places where additional protection from external factors is needed, since it can also be installed along the outer walls of buildings. All products on our website are certified, are factory tested and comply with all necessary regulatory documents. All you need is to choose the right cable, which will simplify the installation process and will last you for a long time.

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