New line of innovative products - heating cables

The company Odeskabel together with our US Communication Service Corp. continues to successfully develop its own brand Woks, creating on its basis a whole line of innovative products - heating cables. At the last AquaTerm exhibition in Kiev, three more species were presented:
• Woks-T 33/66 - shielded 4-core cable with a cable, its highlight is the saving mode – up to 50%. It is able to protect external surfaces from snow and frost;
• Woks-T 33 - shielded two-wire cable with cable. An outdoor installation of a similar design is able to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on the surface. The possibilities for its use both in industry and in everyday life are very wide;
• Woks 22 - shielded two-wire cable. Its difference is that, in addition to external use, it can also heat the room inside, in concrete floors. When used on external surfaces, it is also effective, heats up quickly, but is safe to use.

US Communication Service - all types heating cables and cable accessories
Thus, the plant confidently declared itself on the market of manufacturers of equipment for underfloor heating and intends to further develop this area in the most modern ways.

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