How to manage with clamps?

The needs of modern civilization to generate huge amounts of electricity are inseparable from the need to transport it over long distances, and one of the most convenient ways of energy transmission for mankind is air. Its peculiarity is the susceptibility of conductors to destructive factors of the atmosphere: rain, wind, adhesion of snow, icing, the action of ultraviolet light, etc. To successfully resist them, reliable cable fittings were created, which greatly simplifies the process of laying power lines. These directly include clamps.

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Its main purpose is to fix self-supporting insulated wires of various types. With it, you can hang the wire on a pole, wall of a house, or another surface.
A feature of the clamps is their versatility, which allows them to be used for all highways and branches created based on the self-supporting insulated wire. Plastic parts of linear fittings are made of cold-resistant materials that are resistant to the action of solar ultraviolet radiation. The clamping part made of them is made in such a way that it provides tension on the wire without damaging the insulation.

How many clamps are required on average?

As a rule, if the distance does not exceed 25 m, two anchor clamps are sufficient, one of which is attached to a hook on the support post, the other to a hook on the wall of the building. It is a different matter when the distance is more than 25 m. In this case, it is necessary to install additional support located 25-50 m from the building, and two typical solutions are possible:

1. Installation of two clamps at the beginning and end of the line, on the main support and on the building itself. A supporting clamp is installed in the middle on additional support.

2. Four anchoring clamps are used: the first two between the main support and the additional support, the third and fourth between the additional support and the building.
Thus, you will need a minimum of 2 to 4 clamps to install a quality transmission line. This seemingly insignificant and rather budgetary element will help securely fix the cable and extend its service life.

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