Why do you need clamps?

Clamps are fastening fittings for self-supporting insulated wire, providing fixation on the mainline and its branches, fixing the carrier-neutral on the supports, and sealed connection of wires and their branches. Clamps connect secure, branch, and stretch wires in a wide variety of these operations. Now it is difficult to imagine performing work on fasteners without using these subsidiary elements.

On straight sections of the cable line, the supporting clamps:

● provide an intermediate guided point;
● compensate for the load of the cable's weight on large inter-support spans;
● do not allow a large slack of the cable between the attachment points.

By choosing reliable installation elements and having completed the installation correctly, you will receive a wire that has been used for years without repair and does not lose its properties from this.

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It is used if the gap between the cable attachments is long enough (it can reach 100 meters). This clamp is ideal for fixing round ADSS cables. It will also become an indispensable assistant when working with optical cables (type "8").

The clamp itself is a robust design using only the finest materials. Plastic and metal, which are part of the clamp, are specially selected in such a way as to meet all the characteristics. This clamp will be most useful when laying cables in latitudes with changeable temperatures and unstable climates. The clamp can be used in conjunction with other fittings and with other clamps.

Pros of this clamp

Among the most distinguishing features and advantages of this kind of armature for cable mounting is the duration of its operation without the need for repair and maintenance, high resistance to natural and anthropogenic influences due to its design features, and in particular, the use of aluminum alloys that are resistant to corrosion due to their strength its surface and sophisticated details. With the correct operation, the service life of the cable suspension armature is up to 40 years and in any case is not inferior to the service life of the wire that it carries.

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