Ideal clamp for FTTH cables

One of the most popular cables today is fiber-optic cables. Due to its excellent characteristics (almost complete safety and perfect quality of the transmitted information), it is used in various branches of communications and communications. Fiber optic cable fittings are one of the most popular in the market. Any optical cable should be laid using special clamps.

Anchor fittings are reliable and easy to install. Anchor suspension clamps allow you to hang the wire on buildings, poles, and other supports, even with turning lines. The pluses of this type of clamps are:
● strength;
● reliability;
● practicality;
● functionality;
● safety;
● durability.

Wedge clamps for cables are small and lightweight. It greatly simplifies the hanging process, even in the most awkward areas and at high heights. The clamps that you can see on our online shop are ideal for mounting on poles and other supports. The entire hanging procedure doesn't take a lot of time due to the simplicity and ease of settling.
Since anchor clamps are used outdoors, their body is designed of durable metal and plastic. Metal items are made from galvanized steel or aluminum. Due to this, the body is resistant to wear, high and low temperatures, frost, ultraviolet light, direct sunlight, precipitation, and unpleasant weather conditions.

You can buy clamps reliefs of different designs and costs. For example, drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp is the perfect suit for self-supporting round wires from 5mm, and FTTH cables 4 * 7mm in size.
Clamp H15 is designed of strong plastic, which is not afraid of frost and heat. It also contains a metal hook, galvanized and strong. Also, it consists of high-quality polymer wedges. While installation of these clamps you do not need to use additional tools. The technician does not need to split or clean the carrier for installation. Thus, the wire itself is not subject to unnecessary manipulations and is protected from deformation and damage. The gap between the reference points fluctuates between 30 and 40 meters. It is primarily due to the structure of the cable.
The uniqueness of this clip is to prevent damage to the cable, since if the clip is damaged under extreme loads and adverse natural phenomena, this is not reflected in the cable itself. This way, you can be sure of the protection of the transmission line.
The catalogs of our online store contain products from trusted brands and reliable manufacturers. We offer products at a reasonable price and are always ready for fruitful cooperation. Contact us and see for yourself.

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