Perfect clamp for the figure 8 cable

Clamps type 8, that is, clamps for fiber optic cable are designed to hold the power element in them. This eliminates the deforming effect on the part of the cable in which the optical fibers are located.

In our catalog, you can find a large selection of clamps for cable type 8. But it is the wedge type tension clamp H3D anchor clamp that is an improved model that can last a long time and save you from long fiddly installations. We are sure that this model is worthy of being used for quality installation work.

The H3d clamp is a quality cable support tool that is made of high quality plastic. It is resistant to direct sunlight and harsh temperatures. For ease of use, it is implied the removal of the fixing loop, made of galvanized metal wire, 6 mm in size.
It is ideal for attaching and tensioning lightweight cables, with close gaps between supporting buildings or poles. Most often the spans do not exceed 50 meters.
Besides, this clamp is equipped with a perfectly convenient fastener that protects the cable and prevents the wedges from slipping out.

Main advantages and features:

➢ Convenience and ease of installation.
➢ Detachable loop for attaching to hooks and staples.
➢ The presence of a lock and a system of guides, which ensures the synchronous movement of the wedges when they open.
➢ You don't need any special tools to attach this clip.
➢ This is a fairly budget model, which in its characteristics is not inferior to more expensive items.
➢ Manufactured only from durable, reliable materials.
➢ Long-lasting.
➢ Resistant to temperature fluctuations (will withstand hot summers and constant solar radiation, as well as frosty winters)

Today, wire clamps are reliable and can last for many years. It was made possible by the materials used in the manufacture of the clips. So, the fittings are made of high-quality structural galvanized steel, which makes it resistant to any whims of the weather. Also, the convenient design of the fittings allows the installer to freely configure the line to be installed. The support clip is equipped with a plastic insert to help secure the wire. It is not susceptible even to extremely high or low temperatures.

The installation of the cable clamps is simple, and the fastening itself instills stability and reliability.

On our website, you can see the characteristics of various clamps. If you have any difficulties in choosing the right device, please contact our managers. Just email us.

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